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How technology connects us to products.


How technology connects us to… products.

Not so long ago, it could take weeks or months to order something through by post. In today’s hectic world we can start to get impatient if our order isn’t in our hands within 48 hours and for some, even that is too long.

Thanks to technology everyone also have the ability to shop anywhere at any time. Where once people were restricted to what was on offer on their doorstep, the world is practically your neighbourhood. Everyone can also shop using any number of different devices giving the flexibility to buy not just at home or at work, but on the bus, in the park or even to quickly purchase a book your friend recommends to you while you’re both having a coffee in town.

So, how has all this been made a reality and what does the future hold when it comes to shopping and the delivery of products to your door?

The power of the barcode

Every product has a barcode on it. We’re so used to them that we don’t even notice.

These innocent looking little black lines with numbers underneath them first came into use properly back in 1969 by General Motors in Michigan, USA to track their production and distribution.

Later in the 80s, they evolved to be scanned by a laser beam. The barcode we know today was born, which speeds up information processing of parcels and streamlines their delivery by helping in their tracking.

Automation all the way

With the rise of internet shopping, the advancement of parcel delivery has followed quickly to keep up with rising demand. Today, many areas of parcel delivery are automated, including the tracking of parcels. This means that from the moment someone places an order, they can keep an eye on where it is during every step of its journey. This includes automated texts and emails to keep customers up up-to-date.

This automation has sped up delivery times with online shops now being able to promise next day delivery on a huge range of their items; even same day delivery in some areas.

Electric deliveries

Tesla, famous for its electric cars, recently unveiled its electric Semi Truck which has been designed by working closely with logistic companies. Not only can it go 500 miles on a single charge, but it matches, or even surpasses in some cases the performance of diesel alternatives.

Best of all, they only cost 94p a mile to run and create significantly reduced emissions which is great for Mother Nature. It won’t be long until we see this space-age truck on our roads.

The sky’s the limit

Another innovation for deliveries is in the form of the development of drone technology to replace the man in a van. The drones themselves are fully automated with no human pilot and are designed to get your order to you within 30 minutes of it being placed. Developers claim this is going to not just speed up parcel deliveries and also make them safer and more efficient.

Don’t expect to see these drones flying past your window just yet, as this trial is currently just serving two (very lucky) customers. Also, the current drones can just carry a maximum weight of 5 pounds, so don’t expect them to carry a weekly shop.

As we’ve seen, the popularity of internet shopping is only set to rise. As it does, technology will continue to develop new and improved way to ensure our orders reach us faster and more efficiently.

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