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Enjoy a Seamless Life with Siemens Home Connect


Enjoy a Seamless Life with Siemens Home Connect.

What is a seamless life? Is it when you work hard to make things appear effortless, or is it when eve-rything just flows, with the maximum results for minimum effort? We think it’s the latter. All of our home appliances have been designed to make life easier, smoother and simpler.

But it’s one thing to have a seamless philosophy, and another to be able to deliver a seamless experi-ence. Here are five ways in which Siemens home appliances help aid a smoother life.

1. No more throw-together meals

It happens so often; we come back from work envisioning the pesto pasta we’re going to cook up, on-ly to open the fridge at 8:30pm and realise that we’re clean out of basil. Rather than raiding cupboards to throw together a dish you never intended to make, Siemens smart fridges let you see their contents through the Home Connect app, meaning that you can either pick up additional ingredients on the way home, or just order a takeaway to coincide with your arrival.

2. Take the guesswork out of housework

We can’t all be domestic geniuses, and it’s difficult to remember exactly which clothes require what temperature wash, but we can all let Siemens home appliances do the hard work for us. Siemens Wi-Fi enabled washing machines will put on the best programme for your fabric-type and colour, alert you when it’s time to top up your detergent, and notify you when your washing is done. So if you need to get a red wine stain out of a cashmere jumper, you can rest assured that it won’t be put under a harsh wash.

3. Effortlessly achieve culinary greatness

Picture this: you’re trying to cook a Sunday roast, but you’re also trying to work out, respond to emails and get ready for everyone’s arrival. The Home Connect app notifies you when your Wi-Fi enabled oven has finished cooking your food, so you won’t have to contend with any burnt bits again. And if you want some inspiration, you can find a recipe through your app, and it’ll automatically send the appropriate settings straight to your oven.

4. Get ready for the day

For many, nothing is as crucial to morning success as that first cup of coffee upon waking. Thanks to the Home Connect, you can programme your Coffee Machine to start making your beverage of choice from the moment you almost press snooze.

Find out more about Siemens Home Connect here.

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