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Mia Bühler- Travel Blogger



Mia Bühler is a German blogger, model and entrepreneur.

Mia loves to discover the world and writes about travelling and lifestyle on her blog “uberding.” Her time is now: she is one of the most successful online publicists in Germany. As she travels the world, she has to fight jetlag, waiting times and regularly crosses the International Date Line.

She is always on the move and used to having a tight schedule. Being very organized, she’s always ready, always on time. On her many travels she has learned how to manage being punctual and not let schedules stress her. Why waste time when you could be spending quality time instead?

In her video, we accompany Mia on her journey through Berlin. How does she spend her day in a metropolis? How much effort hides behind the lifestyle of a globetrotter? How helpful is modern technology? And where’s the stop button when life gets too fast? Watch the video now and you might learn something new about making the most of your time!

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1. What’s your personal relationship with time?

Mia: We don’t own time, we have to use our time wisely because we only live once (possibly). I like to approach my tasks straight away and not think twice about them because by the time I’ve thought about it, it might already be too late. No regrets!

2. Did you learn something about time on your travels?

Mia: Perceptions of time, and the way we deal with it, are quite different around the world. While we are in the busiest rush hour ever, people on the other side of the globe have to live with travels to work that take 1 or 2 days – without any clear timetables, without any certainties. What I really like is the fact that in the western world we have re-discovered the value of time; that we are trying to slow down and to consciously carry out matters more slowly.

3. What tools do you use to manage your time? In the household, what helps you to be your best self?

Mia: I use a lot of to-do lists and I also rely heavily on my team. Around the house I use a lot of electronics, like the clothes dryer, which makes it possible for me to control my schedule, save time and therefore have more time for what I really enjoy.

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