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Now and then. How technology has changed… Cooking.


It’s safe to say that over the past 15 to 20 years, technology has transformed how we live. And the way we cook is no exception. What’s interesting is that is hasn’t just made improvements and changes in the appliances we use, but it has also shaped the way we now approach cooking as well as help guide our choices in what we want to eat.

So, if you think the last new piece of technology to have a noticeable effect on the way we cook was the microwave, then think again.

Mouth-watering social media

The Internet has played a big part in changing our eating habits. Social media, which is always in our lives, now informs and influences the foods we choose and the meals we cook. From people posting delicious desserts on Facebook they’ve made or bought to websites showing us what meals are hot and what’s new out there to tempt out taste buds. Which, if we then like the look of, we pass onto friends and family using the same social media sites.

Now we’re cooking

As well as showing us amazing and delicious looking foods, the internet has also become our go to choice for learning how to cook certain dishes. Online recipes are available not just on our laptops but also your tablets and mobile phones. This means we’re now more likely to reach for a piece of tech rather than a cook book when we want to find a certain favourite recipe or try something new.

And we’re not reading how to make new meals, we’re watching them being made on sites such as YouTube. This is a far cry from the old days of sitting down in front of the TV with our favourite celebrity chef. We now have the freedom to choose what we want to seen being made and then make our won meal at the same time, stopping what we’re watching as and when we need to, as well as re-watching any part we’re unsure about.

More choice means better quality

The Internet has also opened up a culinary world of choice to people. Once you only had the choice of which local supermarket or shop you wanted to use, now you can pop online and start shopping on the other side of the world. Though chances are you’ll find a more regional supplier who imports what you’re looking for to save you the trouble.

You can also get specialists and artisan foods that once upon a time were just too far away to get hold of, or too difficult to source. For example, with the click of a button you can order fresh Cornish cod delivered direct to your door. Or how about trying some award-winning gourmet sausages?

This new-found freedom means that people are sourcing better quality food for a better diet. They can also find out more information about what they are eating, for better informed decisions concerning what they do – and don’t – want to put on their plate.

New and improved appliances

Another way technology has changed the way we cook is in the creation of new cooking appliances as well as improving our existing ones. And not just by making it quicker and easier to make a meal, but also helping ensure that what we cook retains its nutritional value.

One of the more ground-breaking new kitchen appliances is the 3D food printer. Now this might seem like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie, but it’s real. Called the Foodini it is being tested in a Michelin-starred restaurant where it is creating perfectly presented culinary delights. The 3D printer itself doesn’t actually cook the food, but rather you put prepared food, such as mash potato, in it and it then creates a mini-masterpiece out of it that is perfect in shape and design. What makes this so interesting is that it is not using processed food but rather fresh ingredients and simply shaping it.

Then, there is the use of technology to link you with your appliances. For example, we ourselves offer fridges that don’t just boast lower energy usage than ever before, but also allows you to look inside them using our Home Connect app on your smartphone. So, if you’re out shopping and you’re not sure if you’ve run out of eggs, you can just take a peek and find out.

A taste of things to come

So, what next? Well, the ideal would be to have robo-chef in the kitchen. But is this really likely? Well, if you’ve got around £42,000 to spare you can have one next year as the first robotic kitchen is set for launch then. Before you get too excited, at the moment it can only make a limited amount of recipes, though its creators say it will have more ready for its launch.

In the mean time, there are plenty of high-tech kitchen gadgets out there which can make life easier and healthier in the kitchen. Bon appetite!

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