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Designer Kitchenware



To some, a cup is just a vessel to hold your favourite caffeinated beverage, but New York’s David Weeks Studio saw an invitation to create. He worked with 3D printing company, Othr to reimagine this functional item and turn it into something beautiful. Putting your own stamp on any universally known object is a challenge, but ‘Sorvo’ – a collection of cups with digitally enhanced walls – offers something new and useful, without being gimmicky. The topsy-turvy ceramic gives off an illusion of a tipping cup. In doing so, the surface of the espresso remains level when sipped in this minimal and sophisticated take on contemporary coffee.

Image by David Weeks Studio.

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Sometimes the function of a product is best left to the interpretation of the owner. At least that what designers Alejandra Carmona and Caterina Moretti envisioned when they created the ‘Tribu’ collection. Made for independent Mexican design studio Peca, this set of elegant, sculptural and versatile tableware use a minimal, yet effective palette of marble, wood, hammered copper and volcanic stone. This combination creates a rich tonal and textural contrast which would work equally as well as decoration or utensils. However, the versatility of this collection means that it can be used for anything from herbs and spices to jewellery.

Image by Peca.

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Heath Ceramics

Every so often a studio creates something that really breaks the mould. Sausalito-based studio Heath Ceramics already had the reputation of putting Californian ceramics on the map, but with their winter seasonal collection, they’ve taken it to the next level. Consisting of vases, mugs, bowls and trays covering a mix of glazes from Shell White to warmer tones like Sequoia, Redwood and Rosemary, this timeless selection boasts natural materials and the exemplary artisan skills of studio owners Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic. Taking this selection one step further, they’ve also introduces two new glazes – Arctic and Cascade – making them the perfect fit for any contemporary kitchen.

Image by Heath Ceramics.

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