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Inside Mother Nature’s home

Learn more about introducing the patterns you find from nature into your home.

How technology connects us to products.

What does the future hold when it comes to shopping and the delivery of products to your door?

Thrones of the Home

Welcome to the upper echelon of seating. Welcome to Thrones of the Home.

Living in a Material World

Materials play an important role not just in how homes look, but how they feel.

Kitchen Talk: Jos Grootscholten

What makes a good cook? What inspires a master chef? Running a professional kitchen is often considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. At the same time, great chefs have so much obvious fun, enthusiasm ...

Kitchen Talk: Sophia Rudolph

What makes a good cook? What inspires a master chef? Running a professional kitchen is often considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. At the same time, great chefs have so much obvious fun, enthusiasm ...

Designer Kitchenware

Kitchenware doesn’t have to stop at functional. It can be sculptural, unconventional and inspirational.

The art of decluttering.

When it comes to objects in your home, less could definitely be more. This is because less to clean, less to organise and less things getting in the way can leads to being more organised, having more time, of course, more ...

The most romantic hotels in the world

Paris. London. New York. They’re all places which look romantic in the movies, but where should you look to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember?

Now and then. How technology has changed… Agriculture.

The world’s population is ever creeping towards the staggering 9 billion mark. And as the number of people grows, so does the number of mouths that need to be fed by farmers.

Now and then. How technology has changed… Cooking.

It’s safe to say that over the past 15 to 20 years, technology has transformed how we live. And the way we cook is no exception.

Now and then. How technology has changed… Learning.

The classrooms of today and the ways children learn have been transformed by technology.

Now and then. How technology has changed… Advertising.

What does the future hold for advertising?

How technology connects us to family life.

Technology in a range of different guises is being developed to help today’s family.

How technology connects us to places.

What does the future hold for transport?

Hack Your Way to Good Health

Here are four ways to hack your way to good health.

Enjoy a Seamless Life with Siemens Home Connect

Here are five ways in which Siemens home appliances help aid a smoother life.

The art of communication

Languages are hugely important to our cultural identities, but where do they come from?

24 Hours in… Glasgow

Famed for Art Nouveau architecture, 18th century shipbuilding and, of course, the notorious deep fried Mars bar, Glasgow is a city that has transformed itself in the last 50 years.

Siemens avantgarde – Meet the artists

Responding to a creative prompt, four visual artists created original work inspired by the form and function of Siemens avantgarde appliances. See how their pieces reflect an aesthetically beautiful reinvention of the ...

Siemens avantgarde – The artistic journey

Our four artists begin work on their creations inspired by the Siemens avantgarde range. Discover how they shape their visions...

Siemens avantgarde – Revealing the collection

Our four artists unveil their creations. See the finished works and discover the artists' thoughts on how Siemens avantgarde range shaped the journey...

Siemens avantgarde – Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes at the journey our four artists undertook to create four stunning artworks inspired by the Siemens avantgarde range...

Connections – Strong Bonds

Connectivity does not mean that we have to live a relentless life in the fast lane. Instead, as a Futurist and two well-travelled Millennials tell us, connectivity opens opportunity, unlocks serendipity, and allows us to ...

Fusion Food: Jun Tanaka’s Rabbit Lasagne recipe

Jun Tanaka gives us a glimpse into the world of his Michelin starred restaurant with this stunning rabbit lasagna recipe...

Fusion Food: Dieuveil Malonga’s Cameroon Djansan Seafood recipe

Dieuveil Malonga reveals the exquisite flavours of Cameroon. “During my culinary visit to Cameroon two years ago, I fell in love with the rich food heritage and wide range of spices. Njansang was one of the spices that I ...

Fusion Food:Shane McMahon’s Fried scallops on dashi beluga lentils recipe

Discover a new depth of flavour to scallops. Shane say “The scallops are part of my childhood. I was brought up in a seafood restaurant and I love scallops. The Beluga dashi lentils combines this passion with fine Japanese ...

Fusion Food: Jun Tanaka, Shane McMahon and Dieuveil Malonga

The Connection That Chefs Make - Get inspired by leading chefs from around Europe. And find out how they connect their cultural heritage with modern cooking trends.

Notions of Space: Discovering the live-work realm of Parisian architect and interior designer Isabelle Juy-Lott

Parisian designer Isabelle Juy-Lott believes “An apartment must look like its inhabitant, not its architect!” We spoke to her to discover how her work helps to express her clients' personalities...

It’s neither a home nor an office; it’s not a home office either. Discover Torsten Bergler’s “live-in” office.

How do you combine the comforts of home with your workplace? Instead of taking his work home, Torsten Bergler got creative and brought his home to work.

The importance of sensory balance with Pentagon Tiles Creative Director Sam Frith

Scent and taste are essential senses we use to collectively enjoy the experience of say, a shared meal, yet the sensations of touch and temperature rarely figure so highly. Creative Director of Pentagon Architectural and ...

When the surreal emerges from clear forms: Artist and illustrator Olaf Hajek finds inspiration in an organised environment

According to many people’s expectations, art is created in the studio. Yet, digital transformation is expanding the workplaces of all creative industries – more artists now find themselves spending time working from home. We ...

Tuning in: Niek van Lonkhuijzen explains how to maintain a good work-life balance

According to …,staat Senior Project/Account Manager Niek van Lonkhuijzen working from home is about connectivity. It’s about being available and reachable, even when not physically present.

We speak to the winner of this year’s ‘Services to the Industry’ award, Dids Macdonald

We spoke to industry-renowned Dids Macdonald, Founder and CEO of ACID and recipient of this year’s Designer Kitchen & Bathroom ‘Services to the Industry’ award…

12 Steps for a Seamless Christmas

Read our twelve tips to make your Christmas a success with a little help from Siemens Home Appliances.

The evolution of open spaces and open-plan living

Open-plan living is continually evolving to fit new trends and technology.

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