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Our oceans

It’s estimated that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the amount of fish.

We speak to the winner of this year’s ‘Services to the Industry’ award, Dids Macdonald

We spoke to industry-renowned Dids Macdonald, Founder and CEO of ACID and recipient of this year’s Designer Kitchen & Bathroom ‘Services to the Industry’ award…

12 Steps for a Seamless Christmas

Read our twelve tips to make your Christmas a success with a little help from Siemens Home Appliances.

The evolution of open spaces and open-plan living

Open-plan living is continually evolving to fit new trends and technology.

The top trend predictions for 2018

Come winter, experts from across the interior design industry will forecast their key trend predictions for the next year, and with so many opposing opinions it can be difficult to see the wood through the mass of ...

Smart home technology is changing the way we live

With technology taking a new dominant role in the home, rooms such as the kitchen will be hugely effected in terms of their design potential. So, what will a connected, ‘kitchen of the future’ look like?

Silence is golden

There's so much noise in the world these days that it can be hard to hear yourself think. Thank goodness for the Quiet Mark, a standard that celebrates the sound of silence...

What can we learn from the healthiest places on Earth?

With so much conflicting advice about what makes a healthy lifestyle, it can be hard to separate the fad from the fact.


Scotland’s cosy capital is a stunning blend of a medieval Old Town and an elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings.

A staircase as a key talking point? These examples are worth not taking the lift for...

Fine dining and atmospheric theatre come together in Vespertine; a three hour immersive gastronomic experiment. Food is served in sculptures to a soundtrack specially created by the band This Will Destroy You to provide a ...

Beautiful and functional, these blinds from Penumbra act almost like a kintetic scultpure as they move and rotate throughout the day to provide shade from the sun.

Mia Bühler- Travel Blogger

International blogger and model Mia gives us a guided tour of her life, and how she manages to keep organised with a non-stop schedule...

Open Home: A new style of living with Veerle Wenes

The Antwerp gallery of Veerle Wenes dissolves the boundaries between public and private art.

Ching-He Huang- TV chef and food creative

Celebrity chef Ching gives us a glimpse behind the scenes and shows why taking time out to meditate is important in this day and age...

The Future of Food: Olfaction

How is scent becoming more important in how we view the world? Dr Morgaine Gaye reveals the future is not something to be sniffed at...

The Future of Food: Prohibition

How much is too much? Doctor Morgaine Gaye examines ways we limit ourselves - and why this isn't always a bad thing...

The Future of Food: Trash

Some argue we live in a throwaway society. Doctor Morgaine Gaye sorts through the rubbish to find some hidden gems...

The Future of Food: Water

Thirsty for knowledge? Doctor Morgaine Gaye dives into how water is becoming one of the most sought-after products in the world...

Art, Technology and Creativity

Siemens' Culinary Development Manager Colin Swift takes us on a journey of inspiration to the place where art and food meet...

Thought from the “Lab”

Discover how Siemens' Culinary Development Manager Colin Swift invents and perfects new dishes in his laboratory kitchen...

Juerg Judin – Berlin

One forgotten but iconic building. One visionary redevelopment. Discover how Juerg Judin breathes new life into a beautiful retro property...

The future of life in urban areas lies in unconventional living spaces.

For Kolja Stegemann and his girlfriend, Diana Brix, ones that exist on water. What do the two of them need from a modern houseboat? That’s clear: functionality.

John Henry’s Open Space Living

With warmth and humour, John Henry invites you into his bright, airy and eclectic home. Discover how to make your home feel like a breath of fresh air...

When beautiful, smart appliances meet gorgeous kitchen design, something exciting happens Zest Kitchens #SiemensHome

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi has his own vision of architecture. Far from designing traditional buildings, these monuments are constructed entirely from metal wire...

Sustainable Living: Cutting past the static

Sustainable living solutions and a collective design consciousness are defining characteristics of our time – and Kevin and his wife Giulia take that mentality to heart...

Meet the Designer: Neil Lerner

London based interior designer Neil Lerner shares his vision of the future and the key influences of the past that have led him to where he is today...

Design shaping the future.

Progress is all around us - for example in modern metropolitan architecture. Thus, design can be seen as the language of progress. Siemens Chief Designer Gerhard Nüssler is mastering this language in perfection.

Architecture revolving around actions

A childhood dream of being an architect has blossomed into reality. Learn how Simon Astridge sees the bigger picture by focusing on the details...

Dr Eram Rizvi- Particle Physicist

Dr Rizvi takes things to a new dimension. This particle physicist knows it is just as important to exercise your brain as your body...

Mind over Matter: Building a house on nature’s terms

Interior consultant Allan Spiegel built a house on the verge of suburbia and nature – all on his own. Villa Altona mixes poetic Spanish aesthetics with a love for functionality and social spaces.

Architect Arno Brandlhuber’s Antivilla

A former lingerie factory turned lakeside retreat. Reimagining the country residence with 21st century building techniques.

Lemon chicken becomes a culinary discovery thanks to #FreeYourTaste. Comment below to share your own twist on a traditional recipe. #SiemensHome

An amazing space to host a summer party – another beautiful kitchen from @greensheenconstruction #SiemensHome

Outstanding performance meets stunning design. emotionLight ventilation allows you to change between over 200 different colours and bring a personal feel to your kitchen, whatever the occasion.

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